re: I assume this will replace Aladdin
Posted by: mridley2 06:02 am EST 01/28/23
In reply to: re: I assume this will replace Aladdin - kess0078 05:42 pm EST 01/27/23

Why do you think Aladdin closing is so eminent?? It has grossed over $1 Million a week for the past year with the exceptions of a few weeks in May 2022. And several weeks above $2 Million during the December holidays. Even with a high weekly nut Disney benefits greatly from cross promotion and they are definitely making a handsome $500k a week.

Disney won’t let that theater go dark without a sure fire hit. I’m not convinced Hercules is that show. And Coco.. is no Aladdin. Even if they develop a top notch show. There simply is not the same interest as in older, more well known properties like Aladdin and Lion. Disney had tried many others with minimal success.

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