re: "Oh, the money rings out like freedom..."
Posted by: Holland 04:28 pm EST 01/28/23
In reply to: "Oh, the money rings out like freedom..." - Delvino 08:35 pm EST 01/27/23

A minority, but not alone. I have always liked the score a lot. That is was one of my first cast albums I ever owned may or may not figure into it. And I'll go further. I'm a fan of Hepburn's vocals. She may not have pitch, but her unique speaking voice had musicality to spare. Compare her to Bette Davis, another non-singer who occasionally sang. Adored Davis as an actress (and even more as a talk show guest), but she had no musicality whatsoever and when she sang it was instant camp. Hepburn's total commitment and ballsy theatricality on the Coco album work perfectly for me. And that Tony clip!

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