re: Puppetry goes just so far.
Posted by: Chromolume 09:48 pm EST 01/28/23
In reply to: Puppetry goes just so far. - dramedy 01:00 pm EST 01/28/23

I guess some people just don't like puppets. (I'm not a clown person, in the same way, I suppose.) I've heard many an opera fan complain about the current Met production of Madama Butterfly, which uses a puppet for Butterfly's child. It's a very stylized use of puppetry, which I feel is quite beautiful and also links nicely into a Japanese style of theatre - but some people think it's an outrage. To each their own.

One of my favorite use of puppets over the years was doing a production of Of Thee I Sing where the Supreme Court was sung by 3 men, each with 2 hand puppets to make a total of nine justices. Not only was it a funny comic conceit, but it made quite the comment about the Court - one which would really be much more pointed if we did that today.

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