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Marti Webb, for whom Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote "Tell Me on a Sunday" (later used as the first act of his "Song & Dance"), and a replacement Evita in London, among other credits that led to her becoming quite a name in the UK, also is heard to great effect on "The Good Companions" recording; plus, in a smaller role, Hope Jackman, known from the original "Oliver!" as the Widow Corney having fun with Mr. Bumble on the song "I Shall Scream". Christopher Gable was quite delightful opposite Twiggy in "The Boy Friend", and Ken Russell did use him in several of his films during one period. Good-looking, very talented triple threat actually. John Mills had a very nice singing voice indeed. Was he ever in the running for Higgins for "My Fair Lady"? I know Michael Redgrave was originally considered for the role (and he sings a bit in the 1952 version of "The Importance of Being Ernest", sounding quite good on a bit of "La Donna e mobile" from "Rigoletto" in a baritone key).

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