re: Why is Kimberly Akimbo doing so poorly at the box office?
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In reply to: Why is Kimberly Akimbo doing so poorly at the box office? - broadwaybacker 09:58 am EST 02/01/23

This seems to me like looking at the box office grosses for a small independent movie and wondering (with great shock) why it isn't selling as well as "Wakanda Forever" and the latest Marvel Studios movie. No one would ever expect that, and those smaller movies succeed or fail on a different set of expectations. Isn't it possible that Broadway shows need a different set of expectations too?

Is there any universe in which "Kimberly Akimbo" will sell at the level of "The Lion King" or "Wicked"? Obviously shows need to be profitable, and many of those costs are relatively similar for all of them. But if every show has to set the box office on absolute fire, how can anything other than the sure-fire blockbusters even try?

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