There's no sex, is there?
Posted by: portenopete 01:28 pm EST 02/01/23
In reply to: Why is Kimberly Akimbo doing so poorly at the box office? - broadwaybacker 09:58 am EST 02/01/23

It's not the only thing, but sex sells and Kimberley Akimbo seems to have no sex appeal. (I haven't seen it or the original play but it is one of the few things that really piques my interest.) Like The Band's Visit, it appears to me to be an intelligent, sober, adult show and unless there's some hook- be it a star or a particularly lucky moment in the zeitgeist- I don't think most people want to see sober, intelligent, adult shows.

I have a friend- a lawyer for an international organisation, multiple degrees- healthy six-figure salary- and I am shocked at how resistant she has been to my entreaties to her to see it, opting instead for the Neil Diamond show (no diss to that) or a return visit to Moulin Rouge. She's emblematic of a lot of people who want something familiar and something that seems "fun".

It doesn't have the name brand or nostalgic appeal of the giant LCT revivals that have done well nor does it have hot, young, diverse actors (or at least I haven't seen any advertising that features them).

And I don't know that many people remember the original play, unlike other unsexy adaptations like My Fair Lady, Hello, Dolly! or Mame, whose original iterations were all still very beloved works.

I admire the producers who make the effort to transfer these not-for-profit shows so that they reach a wider audience and offer actors, musicians and craftspeople an opportunity to make a little more dosh than they are used to making. On the rare occasion a show like Rent or Hamilton can lead to great financial success, but God knows the odds are stacked against them.

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