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A lot of people seem to be wondering why the rule change, and why especially this season (rather than last).
My guess is that it's because this year more than most had an unusually hefty number of surprise closings, after unusually shortened runs, and all right around the holidays.

"KPop", planned for an open run, announced Dec. 6th it would close Dec. 11th.
"Ain't No Mo'", planned for an open run, announced on Dec. 9th it would close Dec. 18th (it later extended a few more days to Dec. 23rd.)
"Almost Famous", planned for an open run, announced on Dec. 20th it would close Jan. 8th.
"Ohio State Murders - was supposed to run till Feb. 12, announced on Jan. 5th it would close a month early on Jan. 15th.
That's to say nothing of the Gabriel Byrne one-man show, "Walking with Ghosts", which also closed a month and a half early in November.

The holidays in general are a busy enough time of year; it would be difficult to cancel family plans or holiday parties, or in many cases swap tickets for several other shows, to see something that scheduled a sudden closing with a week's notice.
And when you factor travel into that – i.e. anyone who had a trip, or 2 weeks out of town leaving any time between mid-December and early January – the biggest vacation and travel period of the year – that means all of those people automatically would have missed, at minimum, 2 of those shows; my guess is that that represents about 40 or 50% of the eligible voters.

I happen to know several voters who take pride in seeing everything, but who despite best efforts and wanting to catch them all, had plans locked in for visiting relatives at the holidays, family vacations right after, and work trips after the new year, and who missed not 2 but 3. (At which point the calculus for them became, do I just not vote in potentially many of the categories, or for the first time ever do I cross my fingers behind my back if any of those get nominated for significant awards and say I saw them all?)

The administration committee has to be aware of this, or have friends in similar circumstances, and realized that it was a good time to test out a change like this; far from hurting the Tonys' credibility, as someone else suggested, I think it improves things by keeping everyone honest - and that having all voters able to vote in most categories is better than only having possibly around half the voters eligible to vote in any categories where any of the above shows are nominated.

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