re: Are the Tonys an indefensible award from an artistic point of view?
Posted by: ryhog 06:37 pm EST 02/01/23
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re "never again," the new rule is for this year only. Now if they come back next season and extend it ad infinitum, you have asked a good question.

The current structure of the nominating process is such that it is fairly admirably free of both the same people and the same type of promotion, arm twisting, self dealing etc that are de rigueur once voting commences.

I continue to believe, as I posted before, it is largely an academic question because nominations for quickly closed shows don't happen often, and when they do they are likely exceptional enough to receive votes across the board. That said, I don't think I would have voted for the rule.

I think there are lots of aspects of the Tonys that feel corrupt and thus indefensible. The largest stakeholders (producers and owners) run everything and essentially make the rules. Likewise, we already have voting that oozes with conflicts of interest. Road voters don't vote for shows that will not play well in their locales, landlords don't vote for closed shows because there is no money to be made on them, etc. Last year was interesting in the best musical category because, as I previously mentioned, there were several shows that had significant constituencies and a possibility of winning. The ultimate winner was a surprise in some ways but was not in a one horse race. We may end up with closer to a one horse race this time.

I think it is hard to compare the Tonys with other big awards because the universe is so tiny. A US film nominated for an Oscar had around 400 potential competitors, not counting foreign entrants that swells that number considerably. We had about 10% of the domestic number of films. And do you know how many shows that opened in the last (extended) season are still running? If you want to guess, I'll put the answer a reasonable distance below.


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