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Posted by: ryhog 04:38 pm EST 02/02/23
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Thanks for taking the time to answer. My third question arose from the part of 3.1(n) that reads "'Signature' links which don't otherwise violate the Terms of Service are not limited..." I assume that means that, e.g., a signature link to hate speech would not be permitted to remain. As written, it seems that the language may support the anomalous result where a link from an announcement that directed to hate speech would be permitted. Maybe that is something you might want to consider adjusting. As it particularly relates to this poster, who links to the advertising and sale of a product or service [by the poster] (which does violate the TOS), I guess my question is whether this is consistent with your intent. I think it is obvious that a number of posts by others are not expressing love for a link that does but obviously it is your call.

I think this board is amazingly free of chronic commercial posts and over-the-line topics etc, as compared to other websites, and that is much appreciated.

Naughty Rob was trying, but not in the way you mean. :-)

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