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Posted by: DCollingwood 05:26 pm EST 02/02/23
In reply to: Are actors just stating they are non-binary because it is the rage? - huskyital 03:59 pm EST 02/02/23

I know many nonbinary people in my life, and even with that proximity of awareness I still have questions! It’s okay not to know everything everywhere all at once. I encourage you (or anyone) to do some reading and educate yourself about this extremely nuanced topic to understand the variety of folks who identify as nonbinary and why. For example, many of us lump nonbinary folx in with the LGBTQ+ community exclusively, but even cisgendered heterosexuals identify as NB.

And before anyone poo-poos this being a Teen Vogue article, also know that Teen Vogue has been making waves in recent years for producing excellent societal/cultural journalism. 😌✌🏼
Link 9 Things People Get Wrong About Being Nonbinary

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