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Posted by: AlanScott 05:30 pm EST 02/02/23
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I think casting along the lines either directly stated or at least implied in the script would make things fine. A Marian around 26-30, a Winthrop who seems 10, and a Mrs. Paroo, well, probably one who seems a few years older than the 40 stated in the script, although with a younger Marian, seemingly around the 26 suggested by Harold, it would not be implausible in the time and place. Or a Mrs. Paroo who seemed around 45-50. Certainly having a child at 40 is not unusual so a Mrs. Paroo who seems 50ish is fine, and if Mrs. Paroo seems around 45, having a child around 35 that does not seem even uncommon. The audience just has to understood that people generally got married and had kids younger then.

Harold's age is more open. He probably should not seem younger than 30, nor much older than 40.

I agree that Marian can't seem only 18 or so. It seems she has been the librarian for at least a few years and she has a certain authority that suggests someone older than 18. There is also the implied fear that she will be an old maid, which even at that time would not make much sense if she were only 18.

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