If you can, talk to some none binary people
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I didn’t really understand bisexuality properly until I did training to work on a gay helpline in the 90s and then had bisexual callers. For example I had no idea how many bisexual men preferred sex with men but only ever had romantic feelings for women. That came as a stunning quandary for me to think about. In that role you only listen and offer ways to get professional help. I think we can make our minds up but only really understand by talking with people that identify a certain way. I changed many of my family views on gay people once I came out. I hope that the world now is opening up for people to more fully explore how they feel. I always think it’s amazing that Quentin Crisp only understood he was a transsexual woman towards the end of his life because he didn’t understand his feelings. I hope we are getting better at that exploration now.

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