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Assuming everyone is a mature adult, I don't see why dressing rooms would ever be an issue. There was an issue with the national tour of HAMILTON at one point and I think a non-binary actor was suing them, but that had to do with harrassment of the non-binary actor by other actors in the company, nothing to do with the non-binary actor themselves.

I've been in more mixed gender shared dressing rooms than I can remember since I was 15 years old. People in the theatre do not care about the genetalia of the actor next to them. They are there to do a job. They have seen it all before and I seriously doubt that anything would shock most people who've made a life in the theatre. The idea of separating genders in locker rooms, dressing rooms, etc assumes cisgendered heterosexuality of every single person and we know that is not the case.

Worst case scenario here is that someone has to change their underwear or get into a dance belt and, in that case, in my experience, people generally either go off in a corner on their own and do what they have to do discreetly without calling undue attention or excuse themselve to a restroom to do that bit and return to finish dressing.

I'll give you an example from my own career. Several years ago, I was cast in a play set in the early 1980's and, in one scene, the costume designer, after confirming with me that this wouldn't make me uncomfortable on stage or off, decided that he wanted to recreate a period look that included very tight jeans worn without underwear. Since it didn't matter in my other costumes for that play, I wore underwear in every scene except this one with the tight jeans. I have no body issues at all, but I made the decision to change into and out of my underwear and these jeans in the men's restroom because our mixed gender dressing room was very small and those jeans were very tight. Getting into them potentially involved a minute or two of jumping up and down while pulling them up, which essentially meant I'd have been waggling my penis and balls and ass up and down in front of whomever happened to be in the dressing room at that moment. I didn't want to risk making anyone uncomfortable and just didn't want to have a conversation with everyone about their comfort level getting an eyeful of my equipment every night. And it was fine.

As for covers, I would think that it would depend on the role itself. If the character identifies as non-binary and the production team went to the trouble of casting an actor originally who also identifies as non-binary, I imagine they would cast some other non-binary actors to cover or replace. If the character identifies as male or female, then, even if the original actor idenfifies as non-binary, I would think they would cast the best actor for the part regardless of how they personally identify.

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