re: "When?"
Posted by: waterfall 09:07 pm EST 02/03/23
In reply to: re: "When?" - Singapore/Fling 08:31 pm EST 02/03/23

Zelgo asked: "Wasn't gay "fashionable" at one time too?"

Chazwaza responded: "When"?

You said this, in your post below.

"I lived through the 90s, when people asked if all the teenagers saying they were gay was a trend… and it was not."

That's not an answer to either question, and in your post that I'm responding to, you are simply repeating your rather odd claim that in the 90s (which many of us also lived through) "people asked" or "talked about" teens/youth being gay as "trendy".

In any case, I don't remember people saying anything of the sort. Can you offer any links to verify that people were doing that?

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