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So you're picking hairs over "trend" versus "fashionable", which to me are interchangeable in this context? Zelgo asked a question and I answered it from my lived experience. One person asked if it was "fashionable" at one time, and I confirmed. Another asked "when", and I offered a time. So in fact, my reply was a direct answer to both questions.

And while you may not remember that being a topic of conversation in the past, I certainly do, and obviously others do as well, because numerous people wrote something similar. Which I take as confirmation that this is not remotely "odd" and certainly doesn't warrant a "response" that reads as "hostile" and "dismissive".

Perhaps you were not a teenager at the time, or perhaps you grew up in a more progressive environment than I did. Bully for you.

As for links... you want me to dredge up sources from a time when the internet barely existed to verify the things that were being spoken around me? Sorry, can't do that. if you choose to use that as "evidence" to back up your "misguided opinion" then "have at it".

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