Block's "With One Look"
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Posted by: Drew288 11:13 pm EST 02/04/23

I've heard lots of glorious reports of the Stephanie J Block "Sunset Boulevard" at the Kennedy Centre, but the one thing I haven't been able to figure out is if she is doing the Glenn Close-style, drop three semitones from D major to B major for the last 30 seconds of "With One Look" (for the record, I know that every post-Close Norma has done that key change!)

My hope when I heard Block was doing it was that they would eliminate that key change, even if they dropped the whole thing by one step so that the last 'meeeee' is on a C instead of a D. Can anyone enlighten me what they are doing with this tune in the production? Any reason to hope that it will have a life past its short Kennedy Centre run?

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