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Just a guess, but it seems unlikely to move to NYC, since neither the star nor the production's supposed new prism on the character and story have sufficient marquee value. Peter Marks's Post review best explained this iteration: workmanlike, but not a radical departure from prior stagings (you can see that the design elements are scaled down, but aesthetically similar). He suggested it's more like a decent stock production -- it even looks Goodspeed-sque -- than something boldly reinvented. Yes, it incorporates video, but not a groundbreaking design element in 2023 (and the car sequence from the film was in the Trevor Nunn). Nor is placing the orchestra on stage. It doesn't have much of "event" about it, even though the lead is a beloved Broadway vet. I might've liked something more noirish, with a different palette and a darker frame. But even the second act Norma costume is a nod to the originals, as is the Block makeup.

I'm reminded of similar expectation for the Baranski Kennedy Center Mame.

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