Have watched some Victor Moore films lately -- one of the theater's great clowns of the first half of the 20th century
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Moore was quite delightful, and a wonderful actor. Besides being hilarious as a comedic actor in "Gold Diggers of 1937" and in the relatively recently rediscovered, now Christmas perennial "It Happened on Fifth Avenue", he was quite a fine and subtle dramatic actor, heartbreaking opposite Beulah Bondi in "Make Way for Tomorrow", 1937 Leo McCarey film about old age and ungrateful grown children, made before Social Security was actually put into effect (which might have changed the outcome). It's one of the great cinematic tearjerkers -- one that Orson Welles himself said "would wring tears from a stone". But around the same time, Moore was back in very charming, comedic form in "Gold Diggers of 1937" playing a hypochondriac producer, with a great cast including Dick Powell with a moustache, the always fun and lively duo (individually or together) of Glenda Farrell and Joan Blondell, Osgood Perkins (Anthony's famous actor father) and others.

Victor Moore did tons of work on Broadway, and was especially famous for originating the role of Alexander Throttlebottom, the Vice President in the Gershwin's "Of Thee I Sing".

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