Broadway Producers: Can we add to the pre-show announcement
Posted by: Britannia 01:34 pm EST 02/06/23

We have announcements before shows to silence cell phones, not to record, and to open candy wrappers. I think it's time to add an announcement not to talk during the show, that it is distracting for people around you. It's becoming an increasing problem and with the cost of tickets, it's becoming a liability.

I am so sick of going to shows and dealing with these morons who act like they are in their living rooms, chatting away with their spouse or child like no one is around. Last night, I had to shush one couple at "The Lion King," but there were several more around me. Literally, during "Circle of Life," everyone acted like they were watching a fireworks show. One couple kept at it throughout the show. It was very distracting.

I can literally list the shows where I have had to shush people, dating back to "Miss Saigon" in 2000. Someone's talking during "If/Then" was so distracting, I missed the whole differentiating indicator of Liz/Beth's glasses. I don't get to see Idina Menzel every day. Over time, it has become a bigger problem. If someone said, "You can get a great ticket to 'The Lion King' but will have to deal with people talking throughout," I would have passed.

If producers could add that message to the pre-show announcement, it might curb some of this behavior.
Link PSA: We Don't Talk at the Theatre

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