re: Broadway Producers: Here is the tough part
Posted by: NewtonUK 07:24 am EST 02/07/23
In reply to: Broadway Producers: Can we add to the pre-show announcement - Britannia 01:34 pm EST 02/06/23

We hear in industry circles a lot of talk about how we should relax all of these restrictions in order to attract a new, younger audience who want to text and talk, and come late, and come in and out of seats and on and on and on. We shouldnt expect behavior as in the past, that this is discriminatory. AINT NO MO had a prologue of sorts liberating the audience from any restraint in their behavior. During the Australian Open, the US based broadcast team posited on several occasions that the sport should at some point soon consider ending the practice of points in matches being played in silence. The fans want to participate and cheer and yell and try to distract the players. Wouldnt it be more fun for them if they could? And attract new audiences to the sport? This discourse is everywhere around us in arts and entertainment and sport, and serious powerful people are looking at eroding standards under the guise of standards being ipso facto discriminatory.

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