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Anita Morris' performance is probably the sexiest performance by a woman I ever saw on stage. Her "A Call from the Vatican" was intended to be over the top and funny, too, as Raul Julia takes this basically phone sex call from her, as his wife is nearby. Not only her physicality and energy, but her voice on it is amazing -- I think she sings a high B natural while she's contorted upside down at one point, plus makes orgasmic sounds too! Her costume was rather infamous, and she was not allowed to sing the song on the Tonys as it was first intended. That would have increased box office sales. Plus in the second act, she sings "Simple", a lovely song, in a beautiful, rather heartbreaking manner, in contrast to her show-stopping number in the first act. I saw her in the show 3 times, and she was always "on", unlike Montevecchi, who could be excellent, but less consistent. Morris deserved that Tony, but she did win the Drama Desk.

Akers, Moss and Burch, everyone in fact -- were all good. I saw the show a 4th time with Sergio Franchi, who sang it better than Raul Julia (who did struggle with some of the role, especially the high writing of "St. Sebastian" -- they should have lowered the keys), but Julia's acting was excellent. I think Wanda Richert (from "42nd Street") replaced Morris by then, and she was just all right, nothing near the real sensation of Morris. Oh, Anita Morris was absolutely sensational -- the audience response was rapturous and long. The staging of the show, costumes (all black until the Casanova/Grand Canal movie -- all in vibrant colors, then all white costumes at the end), the doves set free in the theatre at the curtain call -- it was a gorgeous and memorable production with a beautiful score. I loved the women singing the overture. I had no idea when I purchased a standing room ticket the first time what I was in for -- and I was totally into it by the time "The Germans at the Spa", a great number senselessly cut from the revival, was underway.

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