re: Melinda Dillon has died.
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It's interesting that Dillon was the one called upon when the matinee Honey was out of the show. I would have thought the production would have employed a set of understudies who would've covered both casts. I mean, if an actor is not scheduled to perform at a certain time, who's to say she will even be available to do so, even in an emergency. I'd be curious about what Equity would have to say about that. Were the two casts considered each other's understudies? Were the other cast members called upon in this way? If so, how were they paid for that?

From a production standpoint, I get not wanting to hire an entire "third" cast of understudies, but it really does make the most sense to me. They'd be able to rehearse the play together and be ready to go at any performance, adjusting their own performance for whichever cast they're joining that day/night. I can imagine it might have been very challenging for Dillon (and the other "regular" cast members) to make changes to what they were doing to accomodate the matinee cast and vice versa.

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