Gustavo Dudamel to Leave L.A. for New York Philharmonic
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This is good news for the New York Philharmonic which has been struggling to find a consistent audience. It must have cost them a pretty penny.

The linked article below compares with a nostalgic wishfulness Dudamel's upcoming tenure to Bernstein's.

Personally, I have never understood Dudamel's musical appeal even though I admit that in the performances I have attended the audiences have been electrified by him. Assessing conducting style is not my strength but I've noticed that music critics tend to describe everything other about Dudamel (his charisma, his podium style, his background, his stewardship of the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra) than his musical style... what he brings to the classical repertoire that is unique.
Link Will Gustavo Dudamel Be New York’s New Bernstein?

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