PIPPIN 50th Livestream - Magic
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Extraordinary. Truly. Live-streamed from 54 Below tonight. 50th Anniversary Reunion performance with original cast members. Am so glad I watched. What a treat. Back then, I saw the original five times. It was the door I stepped through into modern musical theater and commuting the TKTS from the suburbs of Long Island. Michael Rupert was my stage Pippin. John Rubenstein was my album Pippin and he was Pippin tonight. He brought such depth tonight. Candy Brown and Pamela Sousa, the dancers who flanked Ben Vereen in the Pippin commercial brought their gorgeous spirits. Leland Palmer travelled across the country and performed with all the twinkle her eyes have always held. And the stories they shared. The understudy for the young boy, Theo, who never got to go on but soaked up all the backstage life he could ... got to sing tonight. About his duck. Brilliant moment. Fosse, Verdon, were mentioned. Schwartz wrote special lyrics for the event and opened the live-stream viewed by over 700. Michael Lavine music directed. There was a close up of his hands as he started it all off with the opening riff from Magic To Do. Thank you Walter Willison for this great night of theater love. Magic was done.

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