I’ve forgotten what the Hamilton deal was?
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Was it supposed to be in movie houses. It covid hit and Disney released in Disney plus?

I do think Hamilton does serve as a good example of how streaming doesn’t negatively affect ticket sales. It’s still one of the highest grossing on broadway and I assume tours even though anyone with $10 can access Disney plus for a month and see the original cast and staging.

Of course I’d rather watch at home, but I do like NTL model for going to a movie theater which are far more roomier seating than a broadway house. And that does limit pirating of the streaming show which I wouldn’t be surprised is an issue with home streaming. However, I’ve watched plenty of pirated shows but most people I know don’t like the quality of those recordings so they really don’t make much of a dent in ticket sales in my opinion.

And finally, streaming isn’t for everyone. No one is stopping people from seeing live shows. But I do think it is bad when people who prefer live show deny the stream lovers ability to see it at home. But my guess is there really isn’t a large audience for streaming otherwise it would be happening a lot post covid. It’s almost impossible to find more than a few shows a month. Remote working has thankfully stuck as a result of covid but streaming did not.

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