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Posted by: ryhog 07:49 pm EST 02/09/23
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For those of us who know and appreciate the experience of being in the theatre, I think there may well be a preference for the live stream. For the vast number of people without that experience, I think the streamed in real time version isn't very appealing and would not be that well received. Shows like Clyde's and Riverside don't really measure that because I think you'd agree that even if the Clyde's audience of 10s of thousands is not a significant exaggeration (and I am pretty sure it is), that is only measuring "theatre people" (with the rare exception).

Hamilton is a two-edged sword. Although I liked it, I was unnerved by the use of camera angles (overhead, from onstage, in the wings) that no audience would ever see). There was also significantly altered lighting and some staging was lost to the camera. (As an example, there are times onstage when characters not in the scene are onstage and observing (and in some cases being observed in) the scene. This is not uncommon in theatre but it doesn't work on screen and so it is left out.) On the other hand, to the great unwashed audience that is sink or swim for the show, stage theatrics don't compute.

Regarding finances, both Hamilton and Legally Blonde are sui generis and hard to extrapolate from. As I noted, Hamilton could afford to take a hit (and I think it did and does continue to, to some extent), whereas Blonde was really an MTV "event" subject to different forces. If that's my second point, I have to say my biggest one is my third, that I think all of this stuff erodes the long-term future of theatre as a separate art form. Wouldn't Riverside and Crazy look better and do better as a two- or three- part miniseries or a made for tv movie, shot on a sound stage before a live audience, rather than as it was delivered?

To reiterate, my opinions, perhaps backed by a bit of data.

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