re: Clyde’s had tens of thousands
Posted by: mikem 10:53 am EST 02/11/23
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Hamilton is also unusual because 1) I'm not sure the motivation here was completely financial for the show's producers. The filmed version won the Emmy for Outstanding Variety Special and for Technical Direction and got 10 other nominations. Although it was originally targeted for the Oscars, I am guessing that awards/acclaim/preservation of the original cast performances were factors that played some role here, when they wouldn't matter for most shows; 2) the film's financial success was sacrificed to some extent by Disney, who released it on Disney+ to boost subscriber numbers (and accomplished that goal).

I guess I don't view livestreams as threatening to theater as an art form because I don't think livestreams will ever be that widely watched (except for a true phenomenon like Hamilton). A more elaborate version of Between Riverside and Crazy might be better, but that would never happen. I'm seeing Riverside in person, but if I'm seeing Thanksgiving Play at all, it will be at home on the livestream, and I'm grateful to have that option available.

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