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Do you mean the New York Times? Years ago, they become mired in cultural criticism, scorning the nuts-and-bolts theater criticism of yesteryear. They are of no value to the New York theater; one must look elsewhere for guidance. Recently, I read their reviews of several shows I enjoyed which their critics flayed for “gender politics” and “questionable morality.” OY!

Do you mean the Daily News, which utilizes the Chicago Tribune’s critic for occasional reviews of major productions? Do you mean the New York Post which has no drama critic but posts once in awhile sizzling takes by an on-staff provocateur of major productions? Do you mean the husk of Time Out which posts glorified blurbs by its chieftain?

Talkin’ Broadway is consumed with Broadway and the fancy schmancy institutional theaters and does not have the staff or much interest to cover shows off the beaten track.

There is so much great theater to be found in New York City which goes unrecognized except for the efforts by those who write “personal blogs.”

Nine years ago, I became a critic for minor though credible website. I then branched off on my own with a “personal blog.” I am routinely inundated with a multitude of invitations every day from press agents and individuals involved with Off-Off Broadway productions with comp press tickets eager for attention from SOMEONE OUT THERE.

The best reviews I believe are from the Show Score audience members who concisely express their unvarnished common-sense opinions. Good luck…

My humble “personal blog site”:
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