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I can only speak for myself and the TB reviews I write for the Phoenix area

I always try to attend a performance to review in the first week of the run. However, with over 60 companies in town, trying to cover as many shows as I can means that sometimes I can’t see a show in its first week.

I also try to adhere to a 72 hour turnaround time to submit the review to Ann from when I saw it, which I think is what she said she preferred when I started reviewing shows for TB almost 10 years ago.

However, except the three large AEA or partial AEA companies in town with long runs, most theatres only run two or three weeks, and the tours we get usually only run one week

Because of that many reviews I submit will post when there is only less than a week or only a week and a half left in their 2 or 3 week run and I’m assuming for other TB critics it’s the same

And while we do volunteer to write reviews we do get press seats for the shows, at least I do

Hopefully that answered your questions

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