re: 'Rocky' at the (Winter) Garden
Posted by: mikem 05:52 pm EST 03/10/23
In reply to: 'Rocky' at the (Winter) Garden - WaymanWong 05:28 pm EST 03/10/23

Although the score and book for Rocky leave a lot to be desired, the staging of the climactic fight was incredible. It really felt like we were at a boxing match. I lucked into a rush ticket that was on stage, and I think being there helped because the seating was on bleachers, and we were at the same level as the ring rather than having to look up.

I am very curious how Here Lies Love will do with the new staging. I can't see there being a lot of demand for rear mezzanine seats, and I don't know how potential audience members will feel about so much intermingling in the orchestra.

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