Bad Cinderella - Not really
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BAD CINDERELLA is a pleasant enough, polished and entertaining 2 hours and 25 minutes. A few chuckles, a little twist at the end, some nice melodies, the requisite happy ending - but really rather slight and easily forgettable.

The biggest problem for me was the Bad Cinderella character. She just isn’t bad. She’s sweet and rather lovely, actually. There’s nothing edgy about her. Sure her outfits and hair are a little scrappy, and I guess she defaced a statue before the action of the musical begins, but otherwise there’s not much to suggest she’s “bad.” The music, too, is very conventional. Nothing too daring or stylistically surprising. Rather bland, mostly.

Grace McLean and Carolee Carmello are absolutely delicious - chewing the scenery and stealing every scene they’re in.

Hardworking ensemble. Nice costumes.

I guess I was hoping it would be a bit “badder.”

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