AAPI Heroes: Myths and Legends by J Chen Project at MOCA - Museum of Chinese in America in NYC
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AAPI HEROES: MYTHS AND LEGENDS is an immersive evening of dance that reimagines the past, present, and future through an Asian American cultural lens. Take a journey through the spaces of the Museum of Chinese in America and explore different worlds filled with AAPI stories of strength, resilience, and resistance in the face of ongoing challenges and discrimination. AAPI HEROES aims to educate, raise awareness, and inspire audiences to stand in solidarity and take action to address and combat these issues while also honoring the rich fruits of AAPI history.

The evening will include new works inspired by two iconic Asian American figures who have significantly impacted American culture and society: Bruce Lee and Anna May Wong. The performances will pay tribute to the enduring influence of Bruce Lee's martial arts and philosophy, and the trailblazing career of Anna May Wong, the first Chinese American Hollywood movie star.

J CHEN PROJECT's Artistic Director Jessica Chen states, "Rooted in my own ancestral history, I use dance as a vehicle to challenge audiences to examine the systemic ways society marginalizes the AAPI community and to make a direct impact on it. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the invisibility and lack of representation of the AAPI community in mainstream media and society. I see the body as a political vessel and use dance to spark conversation within the community and generate action that disrupts and dismantles hierarchy, and hopefully, ignite societal change."

J CHEN PROJECT (JCP) is a 501c3 nonprofit contemporary dance company based in New York City. Their mission is to create dance works that deconstruct identity, cultural diversity, and belonging, and to promote radical, equitable access to the arts. As a female POC-led organization, JCP aims to create more opportunities for marginalized communities to participate in the arts and expand their capacity for imagination through artistic expression. They use their dance works, community-centered projects, and educational outreach to inspire change, use culture to build connections, and create a lasting impact on our communities.
Link http://www.jchenproject.com

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