Life of Pi Tonight
Posted by: robert_j 11:34 pm EST 03/11/23

I was looking forward to this one and left feeling like it was just okay. Maybe my expectations were too high. I was in London last month and caught Best of Enemies (which I liked, despite some reservations) and noticed that it lost best play and best actor to Life of Pi. So when I saw the production was coming to New York with its lead actor I was expecting something special.

On balance I liked Best of Enemies more. The puppetry in Life of Pi is technically impressive but feels cold, lacking the sense of wonder and artistry that someone like Julie Taymor would bring. Meanwhile the performances of the human actors are too heightened, making it hard to connect with them. More grounded performances and more stylized puppetry might serve the piece more.

And it’s really quite a bleak story, isn’t it? The script does not probe deeply enough for the hero’s journey to pay off. I have not seen the movie or read the book, but I would guess the story lends itself really well to the page, where you can explore the interiority of what Pi is dealing with.

My son (12) came with me and he said he liked it but I am not sure I would recommend it for other kids. Certainly not younger kids who are sensitive and like animals. It’s a bit of a rough go! Although, in this respect, I suppose it helps that the production keeps the audience at arm’s length.

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