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I think you liked "SKY's EDGE" more than I did as I found it frustratingly dull and pretentious. I do agree that it is 'too specifically British' to play on other shores. I am glad that The National has a hit but I personally think London audiences are working overtime to applaud the show's 'worthiness' while turning a blind eye to its numerous shortcomings. It think it would have been better if there were 70% less songs and directed as a play with music. A poster on a fellow board wrote she "prefered this style of musical where songs stop the action to comment on a theme rather than serve as sung dialogue or move the story forward". She certainly got her wish.

We totally agree on GUYS & DOLLS. What a knockout! There were a couple of things I could quibble about but I loved this very fresh and innovative take on a classic. Marisha Wallace, who is known for tearing the roof off West End theatres thanks to her turns in DREAMGIRLS, HAIRSPRAY and OKLAHOMA was a marvel and worth the price alone. I wasn't sure what to make of the guys dancing in Havana but yes, Sky's "why not" take made him endearing. Arlene Phillips' choreography was spot on as was Nic Hytner's direction.....and I hope that amazing team of stage managers are paid what they are worth. Loved it.

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