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Posted by: Thom915 10:56 am EDT 03/13/23
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I admire so many things in this show from the choreography to the costumes to the jokes to the music to the performances the updated political correctness of it. But to me, it had no heart particularly in the characters of Sugar and Daphne. Yes, it's good they stripped away anything from Sugar that could be interpreted as "dumb" but they also stripped away all her vulnerability. One can be a strong woman and yet still be vulnerable. Daphned's character rests mostly on her acceptance of what origianlly she thought was a ruse. The song"You coulda knocked me over with a feather" is very good (and Joe should be given a reprise of it from his point of view imho) but it muddles the waters between Osgood and Daphne when it should propel them to a clearer and funnier conclusion. I did love Sweet Sue and her expanded role and I thinnk they handled Osgood fairly well. But I found heart lacking in the show and I think that is why this show has not become a sold out hit. Not all shows need heart but this one, I think, does.

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