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There you go again, making assumptions.

I bought the script and recording on my way out of the theatre. I can pick holes in the book in a couple of places - I didn't buy Poppy's about-face in the final scene, I thought the use of the narrator was inconsistent - but most of it was cleverly, movingly written. The set design and lighting absolutely worked for me, and for me the title song is probably the single most thrilling musical number on any London stage right now. And I'll be very happy if Faith Omole wins an Olivier for her performance, but as far as I'm concerned the whole cast is flawless.

The fact that I addressed *one* reason the show moved in this thread me does not mean there aren't others. I've talked elsewhere - though not in this forum - about how much I enjoyed it, and why; I didn't post at greater length about it here after I saw it simply because this is an American discussion forum and it's probably of limited interest to people looking for conversations *about Broadway*. In this thread, I simply identified - correctly - the reasons you, as an American, may not have had the response I did to some elements of the show's plot.

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