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Posted by: standingO 08:45 pm EDT 03/14/23

Have an Upcoming trip to London in early May. Trying to squeeze in two shows but at least three seem interesting to me. Which two of these three would you see and do you think any would transfer to the US? Am I missing a must see?

-Streetcar Named Desire. Got a ticket for the extension earlier this week.
-The Motive and the Cue. Can’t explain why but this appeals to me. It’s Sam Mendes at the National with a play about Richard Burton in Hamlet. Not sure what to expect beyond that. Purchased a ticket already.
-Guys and Dolls at the Bridge. Didn’t pay attention to this until reviews came out and seem to be raves. Is this a must-see? (It’s a nice theater but kind of out of the way for me on this trip)

Anything else worth considering? I have zero interest in Cabaret based on what I’ve seen of this production (which does have me slightly concerned for Streercar.)

On previous London trips, I bought tickets for more shows than I could. Opportunity costs matter more than actual costs although Streetcar is unusually expensive for London.

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