re: A Bad Cinderella rant (spoilers galore)
Posted by: NewtonUK 01:54 pm EDT 03/15/23
In reply to: A Bad Cinderella rant (spoilers galore) - Likeitlots 01:12 pm EDT 03/15/23

The oddest thing to me about this show, which I saw in London, was that the real 'prince' was killed in a war, and now all that we have is the leftover 'prince' that no one is interested in. The girls all moan at him NOW being the prince that they want to marry off - tehy are NOT interested. Except - at least in London - the actor playing Prince II was a dead ringer for Michael Jackson in his tight military jerkin days, with gorgeous hair - the hottest man on stage by far. So there's no story.

Bad Cinderella does just paint grafitti on a statue - that's it, the limit of her 'bad'ness - and the second in line Prince that no girl wants is truly hot. I dont get it.

And the choreography is as bad or worse than SCHOOL OF ROCK. No pogo stick hopping in this show - but, in London, a waltz on the revolving stage that was possibly the most limp waltz I have ever seen.

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