"Enjoy the show"
Posted by: aleck 11:07 am EDT 03/16/23

This is a rant about the ubiquitous use of "enjoy the show" by ushers or box office people to send you off into an experience that is not a "show." A show is, for example, the Rockettes. But at last night's performance of LOVE at the Armory, I was offended by the box office people who handed me my ticket with "enjoy the show" or the usher who wished me an "enjoy the show." This was a play about homeless people. It's not a "show." Neither is Doll's House or Long Day's Journey or a host of other serious things. Yet we get "enjoy the show" no matter the content.

This phrase should be tossed into the ash heap along with "no worries" when you thank someone for something. What happened to "you're welcome." I'm not worried. I'm grateful. Or the "not a problem" when you ask for something, like salt and pepper at a restaurant. The "not a problem" comes across as a passive/aggressive way of saying "it IS a problem and get off my back." How about a simple "Of course."

Maybe these people who wish me an "enjoy the show" have not seen these productions and just mouth this phrase with unthinking routine. Let me assure you that LOVE is not something that should be introduced with "enjoy the show." Spoiler alert: There is no tap dancing, although "enjoy the show" might imply it.

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