re: "Enjoy the show"
Posted by: Kjisgroovy 12:05 pm EDT 03/16/23
In reply to: re: "Enjoy the show" - Ncassidine 11:34 am EDT 03/16/23

I used to usher pretty regularly for about 8 years here in Chicago. A few times theaters specifically asked us not to say "Enjoy the show" since the show was a fairly somber affair. The one show I remember specifically was about a real life plane crash, with text from interviews with survivors. It was a very theatrical production and definitely a "show"... but I can understand why folks might feel like saying "enjoy the show" is in questionable taste.

That said. It's a colloquialism and not much is meant by it. So much so... I'd imagine there's one or two people out there who might complain if an usher didn't tell them to "enjoy the show"

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