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or "merry christmas" from anyone in december (which is really fun as my neighborhood has a large percentage of women in hijabs)

As a Jewish man, I take a general greeting of "Merry Christmas" to refer to the secular season (which I feel is mostly the case, really), rather than the religious specifics of the holy day, so I don't take any offense or feel the need to qualify that I don't celebrate the birth of Jesus. It's a well-meaning gesture, and I have no problem taking it as such.

Then again, context is everything. As a musician, I've had a Catholic church gig for about 35 years now, and when I exchange wishes of "Merry Christmas" in that context, it's with an understanding that respects and embraces, and also goes beyond simple religion. But many of the parishioners make a point of wishing me a happy Hannukah as well. It's all good.

The important thing to remember here, whether we're referring to Christmas or to "enjoy the show," the remark is meant as positive and not designed to rile anyone up. And I think it's not a big deal to take such comments in the spirit which they are meant instead of challenging them, or even giving them a second thought really.

I'm trying to recall if I've ever heard an atheist or agnostic bristle at "(God) bless you" in a response to them sneezing. I don't think so. Generally we understand that response as a simple and polite acknowledgement, not a foisting of religious belief. Likewise, if a clerk says "enjoy the show" after my purchase of a ticket to, say, The Diary Of Anne Frank, I understand it's meant as an acknowledgement of the sale, and a sincere (or de facto) hope that the production is to my liking, not literally as to whether I'll be laughing and hooting and hollering with broad smiles during the play. A play which is a show, btw. :-)

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