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Posted by: PlazaBoy 11:05 pm EDT 03/16/23
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I think it is fair to say that some people substitute "not a problem" in places where one would expect to hear "you're welcome" so I think describing it as a poor substitute is accurate.

"No worries" and "not a problem" don't sound courteous or gracious to me. I'm viewing this through the lens of someone who has frequently worked with the public and am often thanked for my work. I sometimes reply "It was my pleasure" or "You're welcome" if "my pleasure" would be disingenuous in the situation.

To my ear, "It was nothing" sounds fine. "It was nothing" has a gracious, humble quality that "not a problem" lacks.

I've seen clients/customers call out colleagues for saying "not a problem." by saying "I didn't think it was a problem."

I only use the words "It's no problem at all" when I am trying to assure the client that what they are asking of me is not a problem. For example when a client says "I'm sorry I am taking so long to decide."

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