Saw Dear World Thurs night
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I am overwhelmed about how much was done. Extravagant use of Ms Murphy’s extravagant talent; inexpensive but effective design. There are things that don’t work, but it’s not just that the book is weak. I think we’re so close to knowing that everyone of our world’s leaders are corrupt racketeers that the ‘satire’ in this show is just too naïve for us now.
But there’s a lot of good work. Good attempts. I thought the campy/comic treatment of the villains was wrong. The show began to seem insignificant because the villains were all buffoons. I’d have preferred a Jack Cassidy or Patrick Page to play the villains. To give weight to the story and the stakes.
Nina (I remember her as ‘Irma’, I thought, from the sourceplay) was very engaging and committed to her big beautiful number.
I would like to see the madwoman played without the aristocratic affectations. It’s a hard enough sing. Murphy is sooo impressive. I wonder what it’s be like to make her more of a true visionary/heretic/oddball. Annie Golden? Ruth Gordon?
But the show is worth seeing. It still works for what it is, more than Mack and Mabel.
There’s a lot to ponder. Appreciate all the effort and the comic skills of the madwomen (Ann Harada, as in INTO THE WOODS, is so committed to the story) and the Sewerman (though I do wish Fitzgerald had come at it with more of an underlying rage; lowest decrying the highest…)
People should keep producing this show. Cutting things. Playing with it. If it could earn the politics, it could be electrifying.

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