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You Must Love Me was included in the revival of Evita. Does anyone know if it's mandatory to do it now...like part of the licensed materials? I hope not. LOL. I thought it was fine in the movie, which overall had a slightly softer take on Eva than the stage show. But it makes no sense in the stage show. The extended recitative section at that point in the stage show is so much more interesting, especially as ALW is actually being a dramatist with his contrafactum here. I guess we'll never know if Eva and Juan were kinder and more wistful towards each other, a la You Must Love Me, or more combative with a heavy dose of chilliness from Juan towards Eva, as in the original stage version. But I think the latter is the right choice for the characters as they ended up being represented in the stage show.

Listen from the Dreamgirls film was worked into the revivial tour that went out around 2008 but didn't come to Broadway. I am not sure if the more recent London revival used it.

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