DANCIN' Tonight (Possible Spoilers)
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Inexpicably bad. With Fosse, a brilliant concise and economical musical theatre choreographer, less goes a long way. DANCIN’ makes more of him and goes nowhere. Fosse’s minimalism is translated here into bloated—and regularly nonsensical—excess. This show about dancing starts and ends, unbelievably, with two pointless, insipid monologues. And most of what’s in between is equally confounding, in particular, the entire second Act which starts with the sublime “Sing, Sing, Sing” and then nosedives to the cellar and never recovers. There are a couple of top tier dancers here, and there’s also the wonderful “Dancin’ Man”, but the regular tension between Fosse’s compression and his abandon is rarely in evidence. Instead there’s a lot of gaudy, and decidedly unsexy, exertion. And the show is structurally a shambles. It careers from deficient to dreadful trying to find its head. Almost everything about it feels wrong: costumes, text (yes, there’s a “text consultant”), and orchestrations which are chockablock with references to other Fosse shows—PIPPIN, SWEET CHARITY and CABARET—that I wished I was watching instead of this one. This DANCIN’ is very nearly—and amazingly—a debacle.

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