re: DANCIN' Tonight (Possible Spoilers)
Posted by: IvyLeagueDropout 12:40 am EDT 03/18/23
In reply to: DANCIN' Tonight (Possible Spoilers) - sergius 11:46 pm EDT 03/17/23

Thanks for the review. Sounds like a terrible version of the revue Fosse from a generation ago. That show was less than the sum of its parts, but was saved by incredible dancing. I didn't find anything new about Fosse or his work. It had no cohesion, timeline, discernible themes or anything else to guide it. And the numbers reenacted from his films failed to realize that the camera and editing were missing elements in his choreography and overall showmanship. But the singing and dancing merited and made enjoyable my dozen visits to the show. If they're remounting something like Dancin', they should just replicate it.

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