In the spirit of Forbidden Broadway...
Posted by: peter3053 04:43 pm EDT 03/18/23

...with affection for the good work of the current production, and based on comments by preview-goers (and to the tune of "Anyone Can Whistle"):

Scene: The spirit of Lee Remick stands forlorn, outside the Lunt-Fontanne, holding a discarded Angela Lansbury-Mrs Lovett unkempt orange-haired wig. She takes a moment, then turns and sings.

Sweeney had a whistle.
Part of the tale.
Sweeney had a whistle.
Not Thomas Kail.
Recall that fact’ry?
A total, greasy land.
Just what Prince had planned.
Nothing ever spanned
The scale.

When it came to costumes,
Grime was the thing;
Now they look like costumes
Fresh as the Spring.
And who needs dancing?
No elegance - more soil.
If you’re seeing Sweeney,
Take them some rags,
Maybe some oil.
Donate some .. blood.
(And) Just so I won’t bristle,
Whistle for me.

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