Alt history books with theater connections
Posted by: ms721 05:48 pm EDT 03/18/23

In an attempt to keep things neater here, i'm starting a new thread .

first and foremost and most recent our own showtunetrivia's: Broadway Revival
i always have to look it up, because i want to call it Broadway Revisal

her spouse's (Harry Turtledove) books:
Ruled Britannia. Spanish Armada conquers Britain and Shakespeare has to write a play while torn between two masters. The other main character is Lope De La Vega, a Spanish playwright. And the cast of supporting characters is very interesting.

There are also easter eggs in "Joe Steele"(I actually got the theater reference before i realized who the title character was supposed to be) and "In the Presence of My Enemies" a book set in a Germany where they won the war

Those are the ones i've read. Anyone else have suggestions?

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