Posted by: standingO 12:08 am EDT 03/19/23

I caught one of the final performances of HERCULES at Paper Mill. I’ve seen all of Disneys Broadway shows except King David. This is definitely one of the better ones although it seems unlikely it’s headed to Broadway in the near future.
The Muses are excellent. Hard to believe they top the ones in the movie which featured Lillias White, LaChanze and Roz Ryan.
James Monroe Iglehart is great in a tailor-made part very reminiscent of his Genie but with fewer meta Disney references.
Bradley Gibson sold me on Hercules and it was nice to see his character develop over the course of the story - from meek to mighty. Hope to see him in something else.
Overall, a solid family show. It’s not The Lion King or Newsies but it’s at least as fun as Aladdin. And vastly better than Tarzan or Little Mermaid.

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