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Posted by: HunterHailey 12:31 pm EDT 03/19/23
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Agreed. Almost all of the humor comes from added one-liners. A lot of them were funny - but there's only so far that goes. I thought the cast was excellent. Physically it looks great (except for those odd directorial choices that blocked half the audiences view of what were clearly meant to be big visual moments). But a whole lot of mis-steps on the book and direction. Particularly the last 15 minutes where it feels like they couldn't figure out how to end it so just fell back on "hey - everyone fighting together can defeat anything" and basically just told us that's how it happened without showing anything whatsoever visually. Very underwhelmed by most of the added songs and Hades in particular needs a FAR better song. Not a fan of how Phil was adapted either which I think would have dreadful but for having such a great performer playing it to make it passable.

There's potential there (I think) but needs a lot of reconception to go anywhere. And unfortunately, I think this show is going to need the epic visuals and effects to work which probably makes it difficult to do anywhere smaller - the flaws will be that much more evident.

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